Rolex quartz watch for social life has brought change

Rolex quartz watch is a sophisticated electronic timing instrument. The use of quartz crystal in the clock is a modern invention. In December 25, 1969, Sweden's Rolex company found a way to make a quartz tuning fork, and create the world's first quartz watch, brought a change in human social life and the concept of time. The application of the Rolex quartz watch allows the watch to mass production, not only the production speed is much faster than before, the price also drops along with it. As of 2010, every year in the world can make 500 million watches, enough to supply the world. replica watches uk quartz watch Rolex quartz watch with a pointer, digital and double display 3. From the composition, the pointer type quartz watch and pointer type quartz clock, digital quartz watch and digital quartz clock is the same, but the pointer type quartz clock and digital quartz clock is not the same. Rolex quartz rolex replica can also be called "crystal vibration type electronic watch", because it is the use of quartz crystal oscillation phenomenon". And the fork will follow some rules of vibration, when the quartz crystal by battery power effect, it will produce regular vibration. When the crystal receives external force voltage, there will be deformation and expansion properties, on the contrary, if the compression will make the crystal crystal generated at both ends of power; such properties in many crystals also can be seen, known as the "piezoelectric effect". Rolex quartz watch is the use of cyclical sustained "Hair" crystal, for people to bring the exact time. Add power on the crystal sheet of the Rolex quartz watch, the crystal will be the number of 32768 Hz, the correct vibration; and then it must be turned into 1Hz (current one second change) the number of signal current. More signal amplitude (because the current caused by vibration is weak), along with some current signal and then launch the rotor gear, the table on the second hand will start, after a minute, the principle of the beating are about clockwise on the mechanical structure such as: second hand 60 beats, the needle will jump into. Rolex quartz watch Rolex quartz is mainly composed of quartz resonator, integrated circuit, stepping motor (for pointer type), LCD display (for digital watch), battery or AC power supply, also includes a conductive rubber, trimmer, lighting lamp, buzzer and other components. The pointer type quartz rolex replica, stepper motor as the transducer, rotation of the second pulse signal into the mechanical gear, drives the pointer indicating time. The stepping motor is characterized by low power consumption, small volume, high conversion efficiency and simple structure. Common single-phase clock stepper motors have double eccentric type, single eccentric type, double-concave type and single pit type radial magnetized permanent magnet stepper motor, and double stator axial magnetization step motor. The stator double-concave style as a whole, has the advantages of simple structure, low power consumption, wide application. Rolex quartz watch with the stepper motor than the size of the quartz watch is slightly larger, more power consumption, there is a larger output torque. Step by step motor rotor magnet coercivity and remanence of high density alloy materials such as samarium cobalt alloy, commonly used in the stator of permalloy, coil with small diameter high strength enameled wire.